The idea behind Northumberland Prints is to build a comprehensive collection of images from around the region.

Northumberland is such a large county that offers everything for the photographer but its difficult for one photographer's gallery to contain great images from the entire region.

How to sell with Northumberland Prints

  1. Send us an email to, sharing links to your galleries, it can be from a social media account, Flickr or your personal website. Alternatively, send us low resolution images to our email address.
  2. We’ll have a look through and choose the images that we think will work well on Northumberland Prints. We are looking for unique well processed images, please take a look through the galleries to see what images we are currently listing. We want strong images that people will want hanging on their walls, dramatic light, drama, well composed and processed images.
  3. Once signed up as a member, you will supply the chosen images to us at high resolution and we will add them on to this website.
  4. At the end of each month, you will receive a payment for any prints sold from your images.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a well know, award winning photo lab to prints all orders, although they are slightly more expensive, their knowledge, quality control and customer service is worth the extra.

How much will depend on how many prints and the sizes they were sold at over the month, we will pay the photographers at the end of each month, this will be broken down to show you what prints were sold and your payment due.

The photographer does, all Northumberland Prints wants is to be able to prints the images on your behalf.

Its run by James Hole, a photographer/new media designer from Northumberland. James came up with the idea of Northumberland Prints during one of the many covid lockdowns.

He already had the domain name but wasn't sure what to do with it but while developing his personal photography website he realised that there isn't a dedicated website to selling prints from Northumberland and its fantastic locations, there are a lot of big sites, Fine Art America, Red Bubble, Etsy, etc but these are so generic, James wanted to build something for the region specifically so using his background in web design and development, he built

As this is a new venture, the plan is to try and get the website populated with amazing images of the region from as many photographers who are willing to submit work. From there, we will be promoting the website and images on social media through organic and paid advertising to try and drive traffic to the website.

If you have any further questions and comments, please feel free to send us an email at